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Mille Lacs County Recorder


In order to utilize Land Shark, you will need to execute the Access Agreement and send in your annual registration and escrow payments.  The Access Agreement and more information can be found here on the County's website in the right column under Documents.


You can access plat recorded in Mille Lacs County by clicking here and using the link in the right sidebar.  Use an * on both sides of a few letters of the plat name and you will be more successful in finding the plat to download.


PDFs of all of the tract books are available here on the County's website.  They can take some time to open, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.  Land Shark supports book-page search parameters.  The PDFs of the platted subdivisions are very large and contain both pre and post 1977 pages together by subdivision.  Once you have opened a PDF, feel free to save it to a local drive or external hard drive, this will make the document easier to open in the future and since we are not using them any longer, they will not be changing.


When searching for certificate of possessory title (CPT) under the Torrens certificate tab the first 3 characters of the certificate number is "CPT".  


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